Project Partners

Check out this short video about the project and some of the activities that took place during the implementation of the project.

Project Timeline

July 2023

The KOM of the ALL43D project took place in Slovenia aiming to implement and coordinate the project.

May-December 2023
Activity 2

The activity 2 was lead by Emphasys Centre. Most precisely, in this activity the development of the ALL4-3D tool kit for VET trainers/educators and disabled people will carried out.

December 2023

The second transnational meeting took place in December 2023 virtually.

December 2023
C1 Training

The C1 training activity took place in Cyprus in April 2024.

January-July 2024
Activity 3

The activity 3 was developed by Emphasys Centre and SLOKVA partners. Furthermore, this activity was based on the setting up of the ALL4-3D labs for upskilling. 

February 2024

The third transnational took take place in February 2024 virtually.

June 2024

The final transnational project took take place in Slovenia and was beneficial in order to discuss all the steps taken so far during the process together with the tasks that need to be finalised.

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