Activity 1

A1- Project management and quality monitoring

 A1 comprises of four sub-activities:

  • ¬†Creation of a Project Management Plan and Steering Committee development
  • Monitoring, Internal Communication and Partnership meetings organization
  • Financial Management and Monitoring
  • Quality Evaluation Assurance Strategy and Risk Management Plan

Expected results of A1:

  • 2 Bilateral Agreements with the Leader Partner; 1 with each partner. Format: Electronic, 15 pg., Language: EN
  • 1 Project Management and Communication Plan for all activities and milestones. Format: Electronic, 15 pg., Language: EN
  • 2 Partnership meetings minutes and agendas. Format: Electronic, Language: EN
  • Mid-term progress report, Final Technical and Financial Report (as requested by the NA) Format: Printed/Electronic, Language: EN
  • 1 Quality Assurance Plan and Risk Management Strategy. Format: Electronic, Language: EN
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