Activity 4

IO4- The ALL4-3D dissemination and exploitation strategy


  1. Dissemination strategy leader
  2. ALL4-3D exploitation pack of results-products
  3. ALL4-3D exhibition for a sustainable future leader


Expected results for A4:

  1. 1 Dissemination Plan. Format: Digital, English, 20 pages
  2. 1 Exploitation Pack which will include:
  3. Project logo
  4. Official website in EN
  5. Facebook and Instagram account
  6. 1 short video about the project to be translated in national languages
  7. 1 podcast per country for the ALL4-3D LABS organised. Total: 3 podcasts in GR, SL
  8. 2 testimonials. Total: 6 recorded testimonials in GR, SL
  9. 3 posts in EU platforms, news portals, blogs etc. per partner. Total: 9 posts in EN, GR, SL
  10. 1 leaflet in EN, GR, SL
  11. 1 poster in EN
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