ALL4-3D Labs

A3- Setting up the ALL4-3D labs for upskilling


A3 focuses on the setting and the organization of the ALL4-3D LABS where:

  1.  ALL4-3D professional development course for VET/Adult trainers working with disabled adults
  2. ALL4-3D labs for disabled people


Expected results of A3:

  1. 1 ALL4-3D PRODUCT PACK with 3 different 3D-product ideas for each organisation based on a business plan.
  • Total: 3 ALL4-3D PACKS which will include 9 in total 3D-products and 3 business plans to exploit them
  • Format: Virtual/Electronic, Language: GR/SL
  1. 1 Evaluation Report for the professional training organised for VET/adult educators and the ALL4-3D LABS offered to disabled people.
  • Total: 1 Comparative Report with contribution from all partners
  • Format: Electronic, Language: EN

Criteria and evaluation methodology for a 3D lab design

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