Center Ponovne Uporabe

Short description: Reuse Center (CPU) in Slovenia was established in 2013. It operates as the first social enterprise in the country and proudly holds the title of the first reuse center. CPU is a driver of social change, implementing social innovations to achieve environmental goals, the Green Deal, and circular economy objectives. CPU focuses on reuse and circular economy practices with the aim of reducing waste, promoting sustainable resource management, and fostering social activation and the development of new products. They offer various programs designed to include and activate vulnerable groups in society. One of CPU’s significant activities is the social activation program, which provides employment opportunities, training, and integration for individuals facing employment challenges. Through this program, individuals join the CPU team and participate in repairs, refurbishment, and preparation of products for reuse. CPU enables them to gain new skills, confidence, and social inclusion. CPU actively develops new products with a focus on the circular economy. With their research team and project work, they contribute to innovative solutions for material reuse, the production of recycled goods, and the implementation of circular business models. Their work is dedicated to waste reduction and the promotion of circular economy principles. CPU also undertakes numerous projects supported by Interreg, the Norwegian Fund, Erasmus+, CLLD, cross-border initiatives, which revolve around reuse, waste design, and circular economy. They collaborate internationally with various partners and organizations in:

  • Knowledge and experience exchange: CPU participates in international projects facilitating the exchange of best practices in reuse and recycling. This contributes to improving work processes and methodologies.
  • Development of new methods and practices: CPU collaborates with partners to develop innovative methods and practices for product reuse and efficient circular business models.
  • Creation of international networks: CPU actively engages in establishing international networks and partnerships to promote circular economy practices and the exchange of ideas and experiences on a global scale, incorporating approaches such as smart intelligence, 3D printing, and VR technology.

CPU plays a crucial role not only in Slovenia but also internationally, as a coordinator in the fields of repairs, reuse, and social innovation. Through their professional approach and project implementation, they contribute to the development of sustainable solutions and raise awareness about the importance of circular economy and recycling worldwide. In addition to their core tasks, CPU actively engages in project work and is a member of the international network CEFEC.

Contact: Marinka Vovk


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