Kick-off Meeting

Date: 11-12  July 2023

Venue: Slovenia

Disability impacts a large number of people – approx. 18% of the working-age population in the EU and it affects a wide range of socioeconomic outcomes.

Between the 11-12th of July 2023 the Kick-off meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 VET project: ‘ALL4-3D: Digital Upskilling, Inclusion and Access of Disabled People in the labour market through 3D-Technologies in VET’, took place in Slovenia.

During the Kick-off meeting, the consortium discussed the overall project objectives, and the initial activities, and some deadlines for the initial tasks were set. Many activities were planned, including a demonstration of 3D design & 3D Printing and practical uses for it in the labour market. In addition, the plans for Quality assurance and Dissemination were discussed and analysed.

For more information about the project check out:

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