Project Aims

The ALL4-3D project aims to promote the social inclusion of disabled people aiming to upgrade and enrich the VET, contribute to innovation in VET and in addition, upgrade the provision of VET for disable people.

More specifically, this project wants to:

  • Ā Strengthen the professional profiles of VET/ADULT trainers or other professionals working with disabled people with. DIGITAL – 3D MODELLING, DESIGN AND PRINTING (3D-M-P) COMPETENCES linked to social ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS, based on a comprehensive assessment procedure following the eco-system of MICRO-CREDENTIALS.
  • Enrich VET/ADULT organisationsā€™ courses and training material with the introduction of 3D-M-P courses in their programmes as per the needs of the labour market.
  • UPGRADE the key competences of disabled people through the acquisition of 3D-P skills and to promote their access, inclusion and participation for a better career orientation.
  • Promote 3D-P as a means for eco-friendly approaches (e.g. use of biodegradable material, recycled, re-use and reduce waste) to be exploited as part of SOCIAL AND DIGITAL INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, e.g. production of assistive parts for disable people, missing parts from toys/Lego, Christmas decorations to be sold as part of a business plan.
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